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How to save your Geld vor Diebstahl


05.01.1998 Archiviertes
How to save your Geld vor Diebstahl


Today let's think about, what the Menschen, with their money make.
It gives really human, who their money in Geldcassetts or in old socks verstecken.
Ganz fanatic people even put it into safes or bring it to the Bank. What is denn now, when a Obdachloser wants to bed on genau this bank? The poor has doch no place mehr next to the ganzen moneys.

Many people eat their auch easy auf. That are the so called Geldscheißer. Or put it into the Tiefkühlrefridgerator and are surprised when they have am Ende Hartgeld.
But this are leider auch the places, where Einbroker look for money first. One of the best Verstecke is under the Matratze. The Nachteile is only that it gets yellow with the time.

It soll auch people given, who put their money einfach in a portmonaise. This is very silly, because their you can not find it back.
The best Verstecke for money are immernoch in the Terrarium under the Boa Constrictor or under the Rand of the Toilettenbowl. But you are not allowed to spülen.

I personally hide my hardmoney so good, that i never find it back. Taht ist the Grund, why I'm always pleite.

Good Buy.

von: B. Heide

Neuerervorschläge fürs Mururoa Atoll
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